Wed 29 May


The Lost Arc - Jim Ghedi & Toby Hay

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B4518, Rhayader

Jim Ghedi and Toby Hay are two finger style guitarists, coming together to blend influences and different styles of playing.

The sound of two men in conversation yet speaking in one voice. Jim plays 6-string, Toby plays twelve-string but the sound they make is of a third entirely new and other-worldly instrument, vast, burnished, delicate, intricate, ancient, modern and utterly unique.

An absolute delight and a balm for saturated times. Their dexterity on the strings creates a sonic density that touches the psychedelic; it conjures an uncanny human presence, as if they’ve snared old ghosts and forgotten voices, and given them new life.”

– The Quietus

“What’s absolutely certain is that these two British musicians are both currently on a creative roll that show no sign of slowing down, both are possessed of a special talent that manifests spectacularly whenever they pick up a guitar”