Wed 29 May


Mid Wales Monk's Trod Walk

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St. Harmon

3 linear walks covering 38km - accommodation
The Monk’s Trod traces a lonely pathway across ‘miles’ of hills & moors joining Strata Florida to Abbey Cwmhir

Join us at Beili Neaudd Bothy for 3 guided linear walks to cover the whole 38km (24miles) of the Mid Wales Monk's Trod.

The Monk's Trod traces a lonely pathway across 'miles' of hills and moors joining Strata Florida to Abbey Cwmhir. This particular Monk's trod is unusual in that it has not been overlain with a more recent track or road (at least from Strata Florida to Pont Marteg); it simply fell out of use after the dissolution of the the monasteries. In places it is obvious that considerable work was done to cut the pathway, it wasn't just a well trodden path. At Nant y Sarn there seems to be a supporting stone for a bridge where there is now a ford. Accounts from the 12th century state that the journey from abbey to abbey could be achieved in a single day.

Special points of interest:

Strata Florida

Teifi Lakes, Llyn Egnant dam

Claerwen NNR

Nant y Sarn ford

Lluest-pen-rhiw stone boundary

The River Wye crossing at Pont Marteg and Pont Marteg visitor area

Gilfach Farm NNR that has 4 Environmental designations

Part of The Wye Valley Walk

​Llywelyn's grave - the last Prince of Wales

Tympanum Stone at Home Farm, Abbey Cwmhir

Abbey Cwmhir